The primary function of engine oil is to lubricate the internal components of an engine. However, it also does a whole host of other tasks such as cooling your engine by distributing the heat, cleaning the engine using built in additives, improving the sealing and stopping corrosion.


Which oil product you need to use will depend on your make and model of vehicle.  We can happily advise you of this.


You should change your oil in an annual service however here are signs you may need an oil change:


Check Engine/Oil Change Light

The oil light will come on if your oil levels drop too low. This is your car warning you that things have gotten so bad that the engine is at risk of damage due to problem parts or lack of lubrication.


Dirty Looking Oil

Clean oil is a slightly translucent orange colour but as it is used it becomes darker. Ideally you must check your engine oil at least once a month using the dipstick.  After wiping it, dip it back in your oil and if you cannot see the dipstick through the oil, it is time for an oil change.


Oil Smell Inside the Cabin

If you smell oil inside the car, it can often signify an oil leak. If you also smell exhaust fumes, then your vehicle may be overheating.


Exhaust Smoke

If your exhaust smoke turns darker or thicker you may have leak


Engine Noise

Oil provides a lubricated layer between engine parts to keep the engine quiet. If your oil isn’t doing its job properly you may even hear knocking sound that signify your engine is losing its lubrication. 

We keep a large supply of oils and additives in store.

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