The exhaust system is made up of numerous parts and the system only functions properly when they all work together.  Here are some common exhaust problems:



Rust is one of the most common problems with exhaust systems.  If you use your vehicle for shorter trips this lets water vapour collect in the exhaust system as it never gets hot enough to burn off. Gradually this water will rust and corrode your exhaust from the inside out. Additionally, the road salt used during the winter months can contribute to rust.


Broken or Damaged Brackets/Hangers

Hangers and brackets keep your exhaust secure on your car and protect your exhaust system from moving around when you hit a bump. If damaged or broken then the exhaust system become free to move around. Movement can lead to dents, cracks or can cause parts of the exhaust system to break off.


Faulty Oxygen Sensor

If one of your car’s oxygen sensors malfunctions then the engine’s computer can’t create the correctly balanced air-fuel mix to run efficiently. This could lead to a blend that’s hotter than intended, or it may cause a clog in your catalytic converter leading to further damage of your car.


Exhaust Leaks

The bumps and shaking that happens while you drive can weaken joints and leak fumes into the cabin resulting in serious health and safety issues. If you notice any signs of a leak or are aware of smells when driving take your car to your nearest garage to be checked over.


Exhaust Smoke

A smoking car is never a good sign, some of the most common colours of exhaust smoke include:

  • Blue Smoke – Indicative of oil burning in the combustion chamber usually caused by valve seals, guides or piston rings


  • Black Smoke – Usually means excess burning of fuel which could be caused by a clogged fuel injector or filter


  • White Smoke – Indicative of coolant burning in the combustion chamber meaning you cylinder head, engine block of head gasket are damaged



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