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There are a number signs to look out for that could mean you need to check or replace your brakes


This suggests the brake caliper has stuck and the brake pad remains partially touching the disc however some pads have wear indicators that squeal when worn to let the driver know the brakes need changing.

Soft Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal feels soft and goes all the way to the floor, this usually means the brake fluid is not doing its job and needs replacing. There can also be several other reasons for a soft brake pedal such as faults with the master cylinder.


If brake pads are heavily worn this can result in a grinding noise as the brake pad has worn down to the metal caliper. If this happens for a prolonged period it is likely to damage the brake disc also.


If you feel a juddering when applying the brakes, this indicates the brake disc has become damaged due to excessive heat. The juddering sensations occurs because the brake disc no longer provides a perfectly flat surface when the brake pad makes contact. It's important to note that if this only occurs when you apply the brakes firmly, it could just be the ABS kicking in.

Dashboard Light

If a brake warning light appears on your dashboard (continuously or when you apply the brakes) it usually means the brake fluid level is very low. This could also indicate a leak in the brake hoses.

Pulling Sideways

If your car pulls to the side when you apply the brakes this is usually a sign of a sticking component such as a seized caliper.


If the brake pedal feels soft (spongy) and the brakes seem unresponsive this is a sign that air has entered the brake system and is preventing the brake fluid from flowing through.

Brake Fluid

If your brake fluid is over 2 years old it may be less effective.  Check your manufacturers handbook to see if you need to change your fluid at yearly intervals.

High Handbrake

If the handbrake is pulling up higher than it normally does it may need adjusting. In newer cars handbrakes should not usually do above 6-8 clicks. If the handbrake reaches the end of its travel it will fail the MOT.

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