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Like many other parts of a vehicle, your car battery needs care and attention in order to function as it should.

Here are a few tips to help keep your car battery in tip top condition

  • Check Charge level

If your vehicle is parked for a long period this can cause a drop in voltage and harmful discharge.  This can be prevented with good battery charger that can detect the charging capacity of the battery. If the vehicle is not used regularly, charging it at intervals of about two months maintains the performance of the battery and extends its life.

Regular short journeys put an enormous strain on starter batteries especially in cold winter months. At cold temperatures battery performance is restricted for chemical reasons and the generator can only provide an inadequate charge over short distances. It is therefore even more important to regularly check the charge level of car batteries during cold months. 

  • Reduce Electrical Consumables

    Using electrical consumers such as seat and steering wheel heaters puts more strain on the battery. Priority should be given to systems which are used for road safety. Therefore, the headlights should remain switched on at dusk. Important, safety-relevant electronic assistants should also remain activated. During longer journeys the battery quickly recharges.  Even at 2000 rpm, the generator provides the battery with two thirds of its maximum energy.

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